How to fix Internet Sharing in OS X

Occasionally in OS X when you try to share your internet connection from your Mac with your iPhone, iPad or some other device via Wi-Fi you might have noticed the data is not working. You can establish a wireless connection, but no data will come through.

This is a glaring problem which Apple has resolved for many versions of OS X all the way into Mountain Lion. You have two options of solving this problem:

The easiest but not the optimal option is to go to System Preferences and select Security, unlock the padlock, then turn off your Firewall when you share your internet connection. This should enable data to pass between your computer and your iPod Touch, iPhone, etc.

The best option is to backup all of your files and reinstall OS X. This can be very inconvenient, but if you wish to use Internet Sharing and your Firewall at the same time, it appears to be the only solution at this time.


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