View Full Screen in Preview App

As you might have noticed, when you are using the image viewing software native to OS X, called "Preview", if you try to search the menus looking for a way to go into full screen with a photo or set of photos, there is no listing for this anywhere to be found. This feature seems almost completely hidden.

Thankfully, all you have to do is select a group of images or one image and then choose to open with Preview. Now type Command + Shift + F to go into a full screen mode with a slideshow. This slideshow has an index sheet so you can look at thumbnails of a set of images making it easy to go directly to an image rather than waiting for it to slide by or having to scroll to the image one picture at a time.

This is identical to the Quick Look slideshow feature in Finder. The upside to using Preview is that you have cropping and other tools readily at your disposal.


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