How To Find iChat Sound Files

Ever wanted to use the sounds you hear in iChat for text messages on your iPhone? Maybe make them ringtones? Or use them for some other purpose on your Mac?

Well, the process for finding these .aiff files is fairly simple. Although you can't find them through a normal search in the Finder or Spotlight, you can get to the folder containing these sound files another way.

First, just use Spotlight to find

Once you see the application icon appear in the Finder. Right-click on the app and choose Show Package Contents. Then go to Contents, then Resources. Presto!

On a side note, after you complete this process, for your own convenience, you can now type .aiff in the Finder and tap Search: Resources to list only the sound files in this folder for iChat so that you can select and copy them easily in a group to another folder.


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