Moon Phase Widget

Ever wanted to find out which moon cycle we are in? There's not very many resources online for finding out about the Lunar Calendar, but now there's a nice and simple Dashboard Widget called Moon Phase which shows the current moon cycle and how many days and hours until the next cycle.

It is available for download here. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Weather Radar Widget

You can use this little Dashboard Widget called Radar In Motion which actively pulls the latest Radar information from or the NOAA, and displays the Radar images in various ways every time you look in your Dashboard. The Widget inclues a fair amount of options for displaying the latest Radar information.

You have the option of viewing the latest images by city or zip code, along with National Radar and National Satellite images. This latest version allows for the ability to search maps by 3-letter Airport codes. You also have the ability to adjust the size of the window by double-clicking on the window itself.

This Widget is available for download at the Official Website. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Note: Due to a change on the Weather Channel website this widget no longer shows radar information. The developer is working to get this back or find another radar feed.

Free SMS Dashboard Widget

You can send free text messages to any provider in the US or Canada by using this very simple little Dashboard Widget from No more looking up your carrier's website to send text messages if you don't have your cell phone handy. Just quickly bring up this little Widget and send your SMS instantly.

There's a Universal Binary available for download at their website. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Monitor Your Mac Widget

You can monitor many different statistics on your system using the iStat Pro Dashboard Widget. This handy all-in-one Widget seems to cover just about every statistic you would want to know on your Mac or Macs currently running and using different resources.

It features detailed information on CPU, Hard Drives, CPU and Hard Drive Temperature, Bandwidth, IP Addresses, Detailed Memory Usage (including Available RAM), Fans, Battery, etc. You can also filter specific disks and network interfaces.

The display of the Widget is very flexible, allowing you to shift around different panels of data. You can view in Graphs or Bars, change the panel length and style, display degrees in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. The Widget can also be displayed in a variety of 9 different colors. It requires Mac OS 10.4 or later.