Sync Address Book with Windows Mobile

I have been looking for ways to sync Safari Favorites, iCal, Address Book, etc. to a Windows Mobile PDA Wireless phone. I found a nice little app which does all of these things for free, but which also has a paid premium edition with optional syncing capabilities.

A free version of SyncMate allows you to sync your Contacts, iCal, Favorites, Address Book, Bookmarks, and Stickies on your Mac to Windows Mobile 5, 2005/2006 or higher. In addition, the app allows you choices of syncing over WIFI or USB.

The paid premium edition allows you to sync certain folders with your phone, as well as iTunes. Plus a few extra features.

Definitely a great application if you are looking for a free way to sync your basic Mac apps to your WM phone. You can download it here.


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