Show iTunes Artwork in other Apps

Sometimes when importing songs from your iTunes library into other audio players you will notice that all or some of the artwork is missing. Even after you have saved artwork in iTunes, and you still find that it does not load in the other application's artwork display.

You need to save all your ID3 tag information properly for your artwork to cross over into another application. You can save all of the artwork to every ID3 tag of every music file natively in iTunes, that way all the artwork will load as it should.

Here is how you do it:

1: If you do not already have artwork for a file, right-click the file in iTunes and choose Get Album Artwork. If it does not show up, you can find the artwork on the web and drag it over to import.

2: Now, once you have the desired artwork imported into one music file in iTunes, right-click the file and choose Get Info. Go to the Artwork pane and click on the artwork and type Command + C to copy.

3: Next, make sure you select all of the tracks of an album, ep, or single altogether. Then, right-click the group of highlighted files and choose Get Info. A window asking "Are you sure you want to edit information for multiple items?" will appear. Choose Yes. A window with the Info pane will pop up. Look for the Artwork square and click on it, then type Command + V to paste in the copied artwork. Then click OK to save to all files.

Once you have completed these steps with every one of your albums in iTunes, all of the artwork will be properly saved to every ID3 tag of every file allowing you to see the album artwork when you play the files in any other music player which features the ability to view album artwork.

Also, after you have used this method to add album art to every ID3 Tag of each file, you will be able to see the album artwork displayed as your file icons in Finder when viewing files as "Icons" or when viewing your file icons in "Cover Flow" in the Finder.


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