Schedule Startup and Shut Down

There are some benefits to to scheduling OS X to startup at a certain time: You can sleep-in while your computer is booting up and loading all your necessary apps to be ready for you when you finally get out of bed and look at your computer screen. You can also set it up to shut down at night to save electricity and also allow your machine to cool down, as well as give you a fresh and fast machine with more available RAM for use in the morning. So, if you have a pretty typical schedule for when you use the computer, this little scheduling tip would come in very handy.

You can set it up directly in OS X in System Preferences:

1: Go to Energy Saver

2: Click on "Schedule..."

3: Set the times for Wake Up, Shut Down, Restart, or Sleep. For example, you can even set it up to shut down and restart a particular day of the week, or to shut down and restart only on weekends.


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