Greater Volume Control

You know by now that you can use the F10, F11, F12 keys for volume controls. You know that the volume adjusts in squares. Sometimes when decreasing or increasing volume by keys, you will see that it either increases by too much volume, or not enough, in which case you end up adjusting the volume by another square, and that increases it way too much. So it can be quite difficult getting just the right levels at times, especially when using speakers.

There are two ways of adjusting the system volume within one square's worth:

Key Shortcut

You can use a shortcut by typing Option + Shift + F4 + F11 or F12. This will allow you to increase or decrease volume by only a quarter of a square to get that precise volume you desire.

System Preferences

Go to Sound. In this pane you can actually control the volume output by mouse or trackpad to get even more of a precise volume adjustment.


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