Use Hotmail with Mail in OS X

If you try to use your POP3 Hotmail account with Mail in OS X you will notice that the connection doesn't seem to work. For some time this has been a frustrating issue for people with web e-mail accounts, such as Yahoo, Gmail and others, that work perfectly fine with Mail, while MSN Hotmail accounts won't work.

Now, there's a new and improved hotmail plug-in for Mail, called httpmail, that allows you to retrieve your mail from MSN servers, and also allows you to send e-mail just like any other web-mail account in Mail. Unlike older versions, this one works with Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard.


-Downloading E-Mail
-Sending E-Mail
-Deleting E-mail
-Folder synchronization
-Selection of transport encoding


-Newer Hotmail accounts will more than likely have to be upgraded to Hotmail Plus
-There are a few bugs which cause Mail to crash sometimes
-Renaming folders
-Creating new folders
-Moving messages

You can find the version that matches your operating system and chipset here.

After downloading, there's a very easy point-and-click installation.


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