Upload iPhoto Pictures to Flickr

Many times there needs to be a direct link between the apps we often use and the personal or professional websites we upload to on a regular basis. Flickr has their own uploading app for the Mac, but now there's a good free plug-in allowing you to upload pictures from your iPhoto albums to Flickr.

After installation you can access the plug-in within iPhoto itself under the File menu, and clicking Export. There will be a FFXporter pane available for exporting. You can resize your images, add titles, descriptions, and tags. You can set your privacy preferences: whether you want your photos to be public or private, from there you can choose to make them visible to friends or family. You can type in the Latitude and Longitude. You can choose the content type, and what quality of export you would like to use.

FFXporter0.4.4 is currently only compatible with iPhoto '05, '06, and '08.


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