How to use Spaces in Leopard

Enabling Spaces

First, click on the Spaces icon in the Dock. If you do not see the icon in the Dock, you can search for in Spotlight.

Next, if you see the window saying "Spaces is not set up. Would you like to set it up?", choose "Set Up Spaces".

Check the "Enable Spaces" box. You can also make a Menu Extra for Spaces if you like.

In this window you can also decide how many rows or columns of Spaces you wish to have. You can also make assignments for Applications you would like to only open in each Space assigned its own number. You can add them by clicking the plus sign and choosing the space number to which you would like the application assigned.

You can choose shortcut keys for activating Spaces to bring up all your spaces (note, when using this feature, you will need to hold the Function key in combination with which F# key you want). You have three choices of Command, Control, Option to combine with any other keys. or switching between Spaces so that you can use the arrow keys to move from space to space, and you can set a key combination to directly select which space number you want to see.

Moving Windows Between Spaces

To move one window from one Space to another, click and hold the window while using a hot key to directly select the space number, after you do this you will see the window move to the new space. Also, for example, you can click and hold on the window title bar as you move all the way to the right of the screen to go to the adjacent Space. Another alternative is to activate the Spaces window, which displays all of your Spaces on the screen, by using your hot key you assigned, and you can simply click and drag one window from one space to another. You can collect all the windows from every space to one by typing Command -C. Typing the same shortcut will send the windows back to where they were previously.

Dedicated Screen Corner

Go to System Preferences. Go to Exposé & Spaces. Now from the four corners you can select which corner you would like to show all your spaces, so in the future when you move your mouse to that corner it will pull up all your spaces for you to choose from allowing you very quick access.


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