Getting more out of Spaces

There's plenty of ways you can utilize Spaces in OS X Leopard, but sometimes few people know how to get the best out of their experience with it. You might even be so accustomed to not using Spaces that the very idea puts you off so much that you might be left wondering what you would even use Spaces for on a daily basis.

Different kinds of Spaces:

iTunes: I call this my Music Station. I like to have a Space only for iTunes so that I can have it fullscreen and not worry about moving the window around. I can just double-click on the icon in the Dock to go straight to iTunes in its own Space if I want (this action works with any other app).

Mail: In this Space I like to have my Inbox fullscreen and ready to view, along with any open e-mails that I might be working on. I like having a Personal Mail Space as well as a Work Mail Space.

Web: It is also great to make a Work Web Space and a Personal Web Space so that I have easy access at anytime to multiple open windows in Safari or Firefox. I can use Exposé in this Space without having to worry about the screen being cluttered by other application windows.

Windows: I like having a Space dedicated to just Windows XP. Since there is a maximum of 16 Spaces, I could easily subdivide XP into its own E-Mail and Web Spaces.

Documents: In this Space, it is running Pages or Microsoft Word or Office. It is general text editing for all my open documents.

Spreadsheets: I like having a fullscreen just dedicated to spreadsheets. There's absolutely no other clutter, and I can go back to it at anytime just as I had it before.

Web Design: In this Space, I like to work on things with iWeb or Dreamweaver. Just general HTML or XML editing.

Photo Editing: This Space is all about work on photos. Using Photoshop or any other application for getting images ready.

News: In this Space, I like to have windows of all my RSS news feeds open, as well as Google News.

Miscellaneous: I always like having an open Space for odd ball files that I have recently downloaded or an App that I am temporarily running.

I hope this little example gives you some ideas on how to use Spaces in a much more effective way.


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