Custom Time on Desktop Image Change

In order set how often background pictures change for your Desktop, you only need to edit only one file in OS X. You can even change the time between pictures down to the exact second you want. Sometimes the default settings are just too long or too short; and perhaps you would like to see a picture for a little longer than 5 seconds or somewhat longer than one minute.

First, start up System Preferences, go to Desktop & Screen Saver. Choose the folder you want to use for pictures by selecting it on the right, or by adding it with the plus sign. Then click on Change picture to: "Every 5 Seconds".

In Finder, browse to your User Folder, go to Library, and go to Preferences.

Find the file "". You want to use the Apple Developer Tools package to edit this file. If you don't already have that, you can use a free app called Pref Setter.

Once you have the file open, click on Background to expand, and under both Default and the other expandable table, change the value of ChangeTime to the exact amount of seconds you want. For example, if you want one minute and 20 seconds, you type in 80 seconds.

Now save the file. If it says you cannot access the file, choose Save As and save it as "", in the ~/Library/Preferences folder, of course.

Now, restart your Mac. You should immediately see the background change according to the time interval value you assigned.

*Note that you must enable the changing of the Desktop images in System Preferences before editing the .plist file so that when you save the file it keeps your changes. Also, If your Mac goes to sleep and wakes, the settings for your custom time interval will still be in effect, however, if you restart your Mac, it will revert back to every 5 seconds.


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