Use Screensaver Images As Desktop

Want to be able to use the pictures featured in the OS X Cosmos Screensaver as your Desktop image instead of Screensaver? Or use the Abstract, Beach, Forest, Nature Patterns or Paper Shadow picture Screensaver images? The images used in these picture shows are a little buried, so you can't find them by simply searching in Spotlight for "Cosmos" or "Beach".

The easiest way is to go to folders System / Library / Screen Savers and look for Cosmos.slideSaver (or whichever picture gallery you want *.slideSaver) and right-click on the file. Then choose "Show Package Contents". Now you can simply Copy and Paste the images stored in the file to any place on your hard drive or hard drives. Then you can go to choose a Desktop image in System Preferences and then direct it to the folder containing the image or images you saved for your Desktop.


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