Show Trash in Sidebar in Finder

Want to be able to drag and drop files to the Trash from within the same Finder window? You can easily add the Trash to your sidebar after a quick Terminal edit.

First, you need to enable OS X to show hidden UNIX files on your system.

Run Terminal, then type the following:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

You can revert this process of showing hidden files by typing the same command line, only typing "NO" instead of "YES" at the end.

After you have completed this command in Terminal. Go to the Apple menu and click "Force Quit" or type the shortcut Option + Command + esc, and then choose "Relaunch Finder". Now, open Finder and go to your User folder (whatever your username might be) and drag .Trash over to the sidebar. Now you can get to the trash without ever having to use the Trash icon in the Dock.


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