Run Cooler MacBooks

Overheating MacBook? Do you have an MacBook or MacBook Pro that gets hot all the time because of a heavy work load or just because you leave it on for a long period of time?

There's a neat little app out there called smcFanControl that allows you to change the minimum fan speed for your fan or fans. You can change and moderate the settings until you find one that keeps your machine cool all the time.

However, for safety, the app does not allow you to set the fan speeds below the Apple default settings to protect your machine from overheating.

Right now, this app will only work with the Intel-based MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. Support for others might follow soon. Also, I've heard that there are certain versions of the MacBook which are incompatible, but it should be compatible with most.

Definitely essential if you're a MacBook user.


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