Hide Application windows easily

Want to be able to clear your Desktop without having to clutter your Dock or without clicking every window of an Application one by one? or maybe want to minimize one Application's windows while leaving some others open? There are a few handy shortcuts for these tasks that you might not be aware of already.

One keyboard shortcut allows you to Hide all windows of the App you are currently using (hiding is making the App invisible, without sending minimize windows to your Dock). This is very nice too if you do not wish to use the Show Desktop key shortcut or Exposé function. Make the window active of the Application you want to hide and type:
Command + H.
Now all the windows will instantly disappear. Just click on the icon for the app in the Dock to instantly restore all the windows to where they were before.

There is another nice shortcut which allows you to hide all other Application's windows and only show one Application's windows.
To do this, you must hold Command + Option and click on the App you wish to keep open. All other windows will now be hidden but still active. If you wish to see them again, you can click once on each app in the Dock.


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