Get CD Track Names in iTunes

Why doesn't iTunes show track names on imported CDs? There's a couple things you can do to overcome this problem. Usually when playing CDs or importing them, you will only see "Track 01", "Track 02" etc. iTunes can be great to use, but if you wish to import several CDs into your music library, you could accidentally very easily clogging up your library with repeated titles like "Track 01" seven times!

In the latest version of iTunes 8, you will want to go to Preferences, and under the General pane at the bottom you will see Import Settings, and you want to check "Automatically retrieve CD track names from the Internet". Now when you insert a CD, it should display all the song and artist information. If not, you can try inserting the CD, and then go to the Advanced menu, and choose "Get CD Track Names".

If these options do not work your CD is likely a copied and burned disc, or your CD is too obscure and/or just not yet included in the iTunes database.


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