Always Securely Empty Trash

Usually if you want to securely empty your Trash you end up going to Finder and on the Finder menu choosing "Secure Empty Trash". When you securely empty the Trash, OS X will overwrite the deleted data making it less recoverable than the default Empty Trash found in the Trash window in the Dock.

If you wish to use Secure Empty Trash all the time without ever going to the Finder menu, all you have to do is go to Finder Preferences on the Finder menu or type "Command + ,". Now go to the Advanced tab, and check "Empty Trash securely". Now it becomes the default for the system, but you must use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + delete to empty securely, otherwise if you choose to right-click on Trash in the Dock and choose Empty Trash, it will not empty securely.

Another alternative, if you wish to do some typing, is go to Terminal, and type the following command:
defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents '{"Secure Empty Trash" = "$@\177";}'

Exit Terminal, and use Force Quit on Finder to relaunch.


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