Send photos from iPhoto to Facebook

Did you know that you an export all or some of your photos in iPhoto to Facebook? As you probably already know, if you use Facebook, you know that you can't import photos (like my photo at the left) from iPhoto directly using Facebook's uploading tool. But, you can upload files directly to your Facebook account from iPhoto using the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. Download the zip file, unzip using BetterZip or another file extractor, run the Installer package (be sure to quit iPhoto before installing), after the Installer is done, open iPhoto, afterwards there should be a new Facebook tab in iPhoto's export panel. Now you can add captions, descriptions, locations and upload directly to Facebook. Now, check out your Facebook page in your web browser to see the photos you just uploaded.

You need to log in to Facebook and confirm that you want your photos published. From there, you can choose whether you want the album accessible only by friends or by everyone.


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