Delete duplicate iPhoto photos

Want to get rid of those pesky duplicate files created by iPhoto? Tidy Up is a great little application I have used to do this very task. The application will allow you to find and delete any duplicates, thus eliminating your frustration!
What is nice is that you do not have to manually delete every photo as it keeps track of duplicates on autopilot. Also, it can identify photos on your hard drive which have not been added to iPhoto albums. It can allow you also to remove thumbnails which have been assigned to the wrong photos, and other handy things! Download link is here.

Advanced users: If you want to get rid of your original photo files and leave them in iPhoto, thus freeing up much hard drive space, you can use these commands in Terminal:

mkdir ~/.Trash/iPhoto-Originals
cd ~/"Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/"
find . -type f -exec mv "../Originals/{}" ~/.Trash/iPhoto-Originals/ \;

Type these commands carefully and it should work!


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